Do your bank statements measure up?

In this article we share our thoughts on what makes the ideal bank statement. If you like what you see, but don't think it's possible with your legacy systems, or you have concerns about the volume of IT work, talk to us.

It's amazing the impact a well designed, clearly structured and content rich bank statement can make. As something your customers are almost guaranteed to read, it is a powerful marketing tool and can shape the impression given by your organisation. All this in mind, how do you get it right? 

  1. Tell me what I need to know
    As much as we would like customers to read every inch of their bank statement, most have busy lives and will want to skim over what's important to them. To help this process, ensure your statements use headers to highlight new sections and increase the font size, colour or outline the account balance. If possible, consider using an account summary condensing transactions on the first page with a detailed breakdown on the reverse. It is also worthwhile finding a consistent position on the statement to carry alerts, which inform the customer of any concerns or new benefits to their account.  
  2. Tell me who will answer my questions
    It might sound obvious, but if a customer opens their statement and has a query they will want to reach a member of your team who can respond to their questions as quickly as possible. Consider not only highlighting your contact details in a prominent position but creating a rule that presents different contact numbers/email addresses depending on the type(s) of account held. So for example, if the statement is for a current account holder, offer the most direct line to your current account handlers. This not only helps with customer care but to manage call volumes so they are routed to the correct departments more swiftly.
  3. Tell me something useful
    On-statement banner advertisements and marketing messages can cross sell other products and services, but will have less impact if they are generic. Use dynamic personalised content, driven from your customer data to engage with customers on services that will be relevant and timely. These personalised communications can add significant value without adding to cost in the way that generic inserts will. 
  4. Show me that you care 
    It can be very difficult in larger organisations to demonstrate to customers that you treat them as individuals and care about their needs. Again driven from your data, simple changes such as adding a named account manager and message from that manager to statements of 'higher value' customers can help improve customer care.
  5. Build my loyalty to your brand
    It is no secret that winning new customers is an expensive process. Building loyalty to your brand can increase the lifetime value of that customer and believe it or not the statements you deliver can support this process. In addition to all the points above, using colour on your statements for your logo and messaging, along with recycled paper can give a balance between presenting a quality document while considering your environmental impact. 

How does your statement measure up?

If you would like to offer the features mentioned in this article on your customer statements talk to us. We can take standard data output files from your existing IT systems and apply intelligent rules before printing and/or presenting statements online on your behalf to your customers.

If you would like more information on our intelligent statement print outsourcing service call 01246 543000 or email us

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