How Mobile is your Payroll?

25th April 2012

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2011 almost half of Internet users connected to the Internet, using a mobile phone, while away from home or the office. We ask: are smart phone compatible epayslips a growing trend?  Share your thoughts in our online poll.

It doesn't seem five minutes ago that mobile phones were the size of house bricks and a toy for the upwardly mobile. Today, for many people, they are as essential as house keys: never far from a pocket or handbag. A recent publication from ONS, appears to confirm our feeling that mobile phones are a firm way of life in 2012. ONS reported in 2011 there were 17.6 million mobile phone Internet users in th UK, representing 45 per cent of Internet users, compared to 8.5 million users (23 per cent) in 2009. The use of wireless (wi-fi) hotspots also increased markedly with 4.9 million people using hotspots at hotels, restaurants, airports etc, compared to 0.7 million people in 2007.   

OK, the statistics speak for themselves, mobile Internet usage is rising, but is this just a consumer trend or something businesses need to seriously consider as a way of communicating, and engaging with, employees?

At Prolog Print Media a number of our clients report their employees access and view the epayslips we provide on Internet enabled mobile devices. Is this a growing trend in payroll? Tell us your thoughts in our online poll. To take part add your views to the poll below.

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