What Payroll Managers want to know about Epayslips

10th November 2011

Throughout 2011, Prolog Print Media have hosted webinars exploring the benefits of multi-channel payslips: those delivered in printed format, as epayslips or both.

We have engaged with hundreds of payroll managers across the UK and Ireland, many of which have posed the same questions. Here is how we responded to the top five questions:

1. Are epayslips legal?

Section 8 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 requires employers to provide a written, itemised pay statement to employees at or before the time the payment is made. The Act falls short of defining how a pay statement should be presented and hence opening up a grey area, which despite contact with some of the best legal brains in the business, we have yet to get a definitive answer. 
That said, at Prolog Print Media we have implemented electronic payslips for some of the UK’s top businesses, and all have taken a considered and pragmatic approach to the problem. They have all:

Consulted employees: If you plan to transfer 100% of employees to epayslips be fair in your approach. Communicate your intensions and give employees the ability to option-out of epayslips if they have a genuine problem accessing electronic information. In these situations Prolog Print Media can pick up the residual paper payslips and print and dispatch for you.  

Consulted Trade Unions: If there are Trade Unions operating in your workplace who may oppose 100% epayslips consider running epayslips alongside paper payslips for a period and encourage employees to opt-in to online only. This will demonstrate to the Trade Unions your commitment to employee choice, while allowing your project to move forward. Again, Prolog Print Media can help with a multi-channel paper and epayslip service.

It is also worth noting that while HMRC do not publish their views on the use of electronic payslips, last year they announced a change in legislation allowing, once paper only, P60s to be sent electronically. We also have it on very good authority that HMRC’s own staff receive online payslips – need we say more!

2. Will banks/building societies accept epayslips?

The use of epayslips is becoming more mainstream and as such, many high street lenders have adapted their criteria for loans and mortgages to accept electronic payslips as proof of earnings. In some cases you may find lenders make additional requests such as for the payslip to be printed with the https: url address for proof of originator.

Employees of companies using the Prolog Print Media epayslip service have the benefit of being able to print current and historical payslips 24/7 from any Internet enabled device. We’ve even heard of one inspired employee who offered to log on to our web-based epay service while in front of his bank manager to show his proof of earnings there and then!

3. Do employees need a company email address to receive epayslips?

No, it is not compulsory with the Prolog Print Media epayslips service. All our epayslips are held on a secure web server, we do not email payslips. When a new payslip is available to view each employee is notified to log in to his or her account to view it. The alert is sent by email but this can be a personal or company email address or if your company wants to take out the option to offer alerts by text message we can do that too.

4. How much history can an employee see?

The choice is yours with the Prolog Print Media epayslip service. When we set up the service you can specify the period of time you would like employees to be able to view their information. This could be from a few months to many years.

5. What access do leavers have to epayslips?

Again with the Prolog Print Media epayslip service what access leavers have to their epayslip information is up to you. Some companies opt for three to six months from leaving date others encourage leavers to save copies of their payslips locally and close access after 30 days.

One advantage of the Prolog Print Media service is that while access can be shut down to employees who have moved on, their historical files can be retained on the server. This means if that person should start employment with you again we have the option to link their current and past employment to give a full history. 

If you have more questions about epayslips take a look at our epayslips FAQ  page , call 01246 543000 or email here

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