Need answers to your one-to-one marketing print questions? Take a look at these frequently asked questions below.


  • Which transactional documents work best with one-to-one marketing?
    We recommend documents that contain some kind of agreement or financial obligation as these generally have a higher read rate.  Examples could include: bank, credit card, store card or utility statements, insurance policies, loan agreements or invoices for monthly purchasing of services or goods.
  • Is there a limit to the size of marketing message I can add?
    No, but as the primary aim of the transactional document is to communicate financial information there will be a limit on the whitespace available within the existing document. If more marketing space is required however, we can explore introducing additional pages.
  • What variable information can you present?
    We can present targeted, action-oriented promotions or educational messaging based on individual demographics, preferences and sales opportunities. This content is driven by your organisation’s data so essentially the only limitation is the information you have available.
  • How does this service differ from adding inserts?
    Transactional documents routinely include generic inserts but these are seldom read and often disposed. In contrast, transactional documents are said to be reviewed for up to 3 minutes for accuracy and then filed – increasing your chances of your target audience reading and responding to your message.
  • Is one-to-one marketing expensive?
    It doesn’t need to be. Developments in digital print technology and data manipulation mean that it is now very cost effective to add colour messages to transactional documents. What’s more by combining financial and marketing mailings you can potentially reduce distribution costs too.
  • What different types of one-to-one marketing documents can we create?
    We offer a flexible service tailoring documents to your needs across three style types:

    > Static documents with targeted inserts: Financial information printed directly from a supplied data file accompanied by a marketing insert. The insert varied to meet the needs of the consumer based on marketing data.

    > One-to-one documents: A marketing message – on-sert – printed directly on to the transactional document, targeting an individual.

    > Interactive one-to-one documents: Using the entire document to present financial and marketing data together using a mix of visual diagrams, colour and data.

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